Radio Wymondham broadcasts 24hrs a day to a Wymondham population of over 25,000 people. But it doesn’t stop there! Radio Wymondham is digital so it’s online reach isn’t just limited to Wymondham and East Anglia. Radio Wymondham proudly boasts that it recieves regular listeners not only throughtout the UK, but also Europe, America and even as far as Australia.

With advertising packages to suit your budget you’ll find it both easy and managable to reach your target audience, whether your attracting local customers into your business or selling your product or service online. With our Platinum package we’ll even come to you to record an interview giving you more time to explain what you do and the products and services you offer. The interview will be played a minimum of 4 times a month giving you a massive total advertisement airtime time of over 95 minutes a month.

We believe in making things easy at Radio Wymondham, simply tell us what to say and we’ll record your advert for you. All package adverts will be played a minimum of 3 times a day between the peak listening times of 7am – 10pm with adverts repeated between 10pm -7am at no extra cost.

Advertising spots are rotated and spread evenly across times and days in order to maximise your audience exposure.

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