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David Mann / Director & Presenter

I got involved with Radio Wymondham at the beginning of its resurgence, just after the CIC (Community Interest Company) had been created, after many false starts and delays for the station over a number of years. I’d been broadcasting regularly for about twelve years then – if you count providing a Eurovision-themed show on Bank Holidays for a Norwich-based community station as ‘regular’! My involvement there happened by accident. They covered a Eurovision party I held here in Wymondham back in 2005 as a news item, and the next year, apparently thinking that I’m some kind of Eurovision expert (little do they know!) called me in to chat about that year’s ‘runners and riders’. And then followed that up by saying ‘”would you like to do a Eurovision Show for us?”

After a long career on the National Rail network, and taking early retirement, I was able to indulge my passion for Eurovision more widely, and in 2012 I attended the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam (I know – you didn’t know there was a Junior version!). In the Press Centre, I sat next to a German who introduced himself as ‘JP’, long-time presenter of Eurovision Radio International.

Since then I’ve attended a number of Eurovison contests alongside JP in the Press Centre and been a regular contributor to Eurovision Radio International each week. I’m happy to say that, thanks to the programme’s ‘lead’ broadcaster, Radio105FM in Malta, we are now able to re-broadcast the show here on Radio Wymondham.

I was initially  ‘persuaded’ that I should present the Radio Wymondham Breakfast Show once a week on Tuesdays but, concious that bad weather in the winter might preclude actually getting to the main studio,  then at Centre Paws on the Barnham Broom Road, I began gathering the tools to be able to broadcast from home and everything finally came together in February 2020. Three weeks later – Lockdown! And I have now been presenting the hour-long #BreakfastBriefing on Radio Wymondham every day since mid-March 2020.

I have also been able to revive ‘Sounds Easy’ for Radio Wymondham, a programme that was originally created by consummate broadcaster and recording producer Alan Dell for the BBC. After a long railway career, my ‘leisure time’ outside radio is spent volunteering for the Mid-Norfolk Railway. I know – just send for the men in white coats.