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We started February with one goal in mind, Be live by the end of it!

Throughout the month we had numerous meetings to discuss, plan, evaluate, replan and action everything we needed to do.

We picked our open launch day to invite other local businesses along, 2nd of March. As a result of this we set our first broadcast day to the 23rd of Feb and worked like crazy people to make sure we could do it.

Today is the 23rd, This morning we weren’t ready, We still add lighting to finish, our mixer died and the website wasn’t finished, But that hasn’t stopped us. Still the 23rd, We finished the website, replaced the mixer with newer more advance equipment & our electrician pulled out all the stops to make our lighting setup safe for us and everyone else. Saturday 23rd is a big day for Radio Wymondham – the station went live!

The studio had been painted and laid out to our first designs & work carried on preparing the studio for use.

Throughout January we tested software, hardware and started planning the finer details ready for our launch.

Demo broadcasts took place and well relatively well and allowed us to continue using the studio location.


2018 Radio Wymondham reformed & started moving after many years of extremely hard work & enthusiasm.

In October the companies CIC formation was granted and since that day we have been working flat out to get Radio Wymondham to where it is today – But it has further to go yet!

Towards the end of 2018 the directors board increased with the new directors Megan & Tom taking the current team to four; Megan, Tom, Bob & AJ.

In December we got the first key to our studio and started planning how we wanted it laid out. We also furnished the place with recycled office furniture from Collecto.