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In 2018 a team of three directors join together to turn what was purely an idea into a formed company to launch Radio Wymondham, After many months of waiting paperwork was completed and the company was formed.

A few months later in November of 2018 we received the keys to our studio and set to work, painting, carpeting and building our brand new studio!


December came and went with presenters joining the station, January flew by and before we knew it, March 3rd 2019 had arrived, Our very first entire day live.

We opened our studio and welcomed local businesses and even a few live performers to our production studio.

The station was off, Peaking over 110 listeners on our first day, locals and ex-pats have been tuning in ever since.

Over 2019 our team grew and grew with new presenters joining the station bringing some fantastic shows with them.

Well, 2020 has been an interesting year for all, We started off with many plans and started kicking it up a gear to soon be shut down by COVID. Our studio was locked -down but that didn’t stop our brilliant team from recording and going live from home.

July time we finally managed to get back into our studio and started our plans on recruitment more local talent, By the end of August we had 7 new presenters, some experienced some not, but they have all excelled in their shows!

Come back soon for more updates!

September 2020:

We entered September with high hopes, a team BBQ planned and our eyes set on FM licensing…

Stay tuned to see how we get on!