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Johnnie Dalton presents ‘Music Forever, Forever Music’ on Tuesdays on Radio Wymondham. Johnnie is a man of music and motorbikes!

Based in the scenic Finger Lakes region of Upper State New York in the USA, Jason ‘Jake’ Longwell is a life-long advocate of college and university campus, community and public radio services and has over 25 years of professional radio experience under his belt. Jake is committed to offering listeners the best possible radio service […]

I was twelve in 1970, I’d been raised on a diet of Motown, Stax, The Beatles, The Stones and The Kinks, to name a few. To then spend my entire teens in the greatest decade for music was a privilege. Good music wasn’t always accessible in those days, so I surrounded myself with likeminded people, […]

Well-known and respected Texas DJ Mike Bilansky brings his show from ‘deep in the heart of Texas’ across the Atlantic to Radio Wymondham.

Music is to be shared, loved, enjoyed and being a presenter is a dream! I’m here to bring fun and friendship through a shared love of music. Come and say hello! Thanks for your company.

Music has always been part of my life and I have many and varied tastes, covering all styles. The history and background of music and the threads that run through it, I find interesting. That’s why my programme is a mixture of everything from ballads to heavy rock and all stops in between across the […]

JP is based in the Netherlands and is the long-time presenter of Eurovision Radio International, also broadcast on Radio Wymondham. JP’s Golden Years was created especially for Radio Wymondham in 2020.

Born and bred Wymondhamite who listens to music from the 50s right through to the 2000s although have a particular passion for the eighties as that was my formative years. Hobbies include local history, photography, nature walks, cinema, video gaming and collecting vinyl records and vintage DC and Marvell comics. I also play bass and […]

The world’s longest continuously-running weekly radio show focussed on the Eurovision Song Contest is now on Radio Wymondham – Eurovision Radio International – the ultimate Eurovision Experience. Eurovision Radio International broadcasts every Sunday from Midday until 16.00 on Radio Wymondham and is all about the Eurovision Song Contest. Celebrating 22 years on air in 2020, the programme has recently been extended from the long-established three hour format to a whole four hours each week. The show, hosted from the outset by Juergen Boernig, know to all simply as ‘JP’, of course features plenty of Eurovision music present and past, and also includes interviews with Eurovision performers, special features, listener requests, plus Eurovision event updates. In the Eurovision Spotlight, a team of correspondants focus on a particular aspect of the Contest. Eurovision News is provided each week by Nathan Waddell, editor-in-chief of major contest news website and Radio Wymondham’s own David Mann presents a weekly ‘Eurovision Covers Spot’, plus the ‘Eurovision Birthday File’ within each show. The extended programme duration means that there’s also time to feature new releases from former Eurovision and Eurovision National Final artists plus much, much more. Produced by Radio International in association with Radio 105FM, Malta Eurovision Radio International on Facebook Requests and dedications for the show can be made through the ‘Contact’ tab on the Eurovision Radio International website, where you can also find the playlist from each show too. You can ‘listen again’ to the programmes on the Eurovision Radio International Mixcloud channel here : Eurovision Radio International is also available as a Podbean Podcast, and on i-Tunes and Spotify – a quick search on those sites and apps will bring it to your own devices, so you can’t really miss it!

The show consists of quizzes, great music, and thought-provoking chat.

Music has all been a huge part of my life – firstly through Britpop which was a huge part of my teenage years & then the ‘indie’ explosion of the 2000’s which shaped my early adult years. Even now I still get completely caught up in the rush of live music and the thrill of […]

Fan of all things cheesy (especially music), lover of dachshunds, drinker of gin and kooky, lip-syncing presenter of The Sophie Sessions!