Richy Burns will be hosting Richy’s Retro Roadshow … specialising in 70’s and 80’s chart, soul and disco music.

Richy and his wife moved to Norfolk in 2016 and since being here has only one regret … that he didn’t do it earlier. ‘I love living in Norfolk and fell in love with Wymondham the very first time I came here….. to be involved in a community radio station such as Radio Wymondham is the icing on the cake.’

In his spare time, Richy compiles and hosts quiz nights for charity events in his village and locally in and around Wymondham, and is a keen amateur photographer

‘Music has always been a huge passion of mine, and 70/80’s is the music I grew up with. There were some great bands around in those decades, some of which are still performing.’

I would love people to get in touch with the show to let me know the following…

I would like to know your favorite LONG song from the 70/80’s … and by long song I mean, anything over 5 minutes (but less than 10 mins) long that generally doesn’t get air time on national or commercial radio.

I would like to know the FIRST single record/45rpm you bought in the 70/80’s with your own money.

And I would like to know your one song from the 70/80’s in your playlist, record collection or on your iPod that positively, 100% HAS to be played with the volume turned to MAX.

Yes, I want to hear your LOUD Song.

Get in contact via email: