A truly international production, Eurovision Radio International is a year-round three-hour weekly magazine format show focussing on the music and artists of the Eurovision Song Contest. Radio International has been running for over 20 years with presenter ‘JP’ at the helm in studios in the Netherlands, with regular contributions from the UK by David Mann and other correspondents. Eurovision now has a history of more than 60 years, and recent artists are constantly releasing new tracks across Europe and beyond, so there’s always plenty of music, along with artist interviews and special features. Each edition also has a Eurovision news bulletin as well as regular features such as ‘The Eurovision Covers Spot’, ‘The Birthday File’ and the ‘Eurovision Spotlight’, and of course the all-important listener requests. The early months of each year focus on the various national finals and song selections taking place in the build up to the Grand Final itself in May, and in the autumn, its the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that’s in the limelight. Radio International is first broadcast live each week on Galaxy 105FM in Eurovision-mad Malta, and then re-broadcast here on Radio Wymondham. Eurovision Radio International has its own dedicated website too : www.radiointernational.tv where you can find full details of each show along with a playlist, a vast archive of previous programmes and the ‘Contact’ link for requests.

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The Eurovision Show with David Mann

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