Join JP for a look back at music and events from across the decades – the music of your life!

In the ‘Golden Years’ JP takes you down the memory lane of the music that shaped our lives – from the 50s to the noughties – there’s a great mix of songs for everyone to enjoy.
In the Hits and Headlines feature JP plays the songs and brings you some of the news headlines from a particular year. but leaves it up to you to guess exactly which year it was. There are no prizes, it’s just for fun, and JP reveals the ‘Hits & Headlines’ year during the show of course.
There’s also ‘The Best of Europop’, featuring songs that became big hits across Europe and, as everyone loves a Chart Rundown, JP counts down the Official UK Top 20 of a selected week and year from across the decades.
And JP invites you to be part of the show too by sending in your music requests and dedications, and your comments – you can do that by sending an email to

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