Join in with an initiative first thought of by the residents of Orchard Way.
Tune in from 6.30pm on Sundays to Paul Kazzam and Sophie who’ll gear you up and get you ready by 7pm to stomp out of your house, wave at your window or gyrate in your garden. Whilst maintaining social distancing of course.
Send in your street shout outs. Text 07852 366 464 email or visit the Radio Wymondham Facebook page. Get your street named as “Street of the Week” and pick the track your street wants to dance to.”

At 7pm we’ll play the Street of the weeks choice of track followed by the same 3 tunes we’ll play every week, so people can learn the moves.

Cha Cha Slide – DJ Casper

Superman – Black Lace

The Macarena – Los Del Rio

So spread the word, tell your friends and family and let’s show the world what a fantastic community spirit we have in Wymondham.

Here’s who to wiggle to the Macarena

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Stomp out of your house and into the street. Join the Wymondham Community for a weekly get together to help raise spirits. Orchard Way, Paul Kazzam & Sophie will virtually hold your hand to show you the moves.

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