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David Bligh

I was twelve in 1970, I’d been raised on a diet of Motown, Stax, The Beatles, The Stones and The Kinks, to name a few. To then spend my entire teens in the greatest decade for music was a privilege. Good music wasn’t always accessible in those days, so I surrounded myself with likeminded people, good socially aware people who loved music, we listened, we shared and we appreciated the great albums of the decade. It’s that love of 70’s music I now want to share with everyone with my ‘Back in the Day’ show.
Away from the music I watch the mighty Norwich City, follow motor sport and sport in general, read history books and write novels, hoping to one day have the confidence to send them to a publisher. My work takes me to building sites all over the country, where I meet a diverse and wonderful range of funny, intelligent and hard-working people from all parts of society.